Emerging Companies

Emerging Companies

Syntactx has the expertise needed to help Emerging Companies succeed and stay on the cutting-edge of medical technology. Whether running a full trial or providing individual services, we have the experience, technology, and processes to seamlessly manage a trial while maintaining a continuous, accurate, and transparent exchange of  information between clients and service teams.

Years of interactive experience with regulatory agencies worldwide allow us to help clients successfully navigate the regulatory pathways, while in-house physician specialists provide internal reviews of the clinical evidence we help produce. We offer services from strategy and protocol development to medical writing and post-market awareness. We can provide full-service clinical trial support that complements in-house competencies and helps achieve long-term strategic goals.

Our experience

Syntactx helps emerging companies leverage clinical studies with positive patient outcomes to make them attractive for an acquisition, IPO, or to grow market presence.

  • Helped to prime over a dozen clients for acquisition
  • Intervened and rescued several trials previously at-risk of failure
  • Our core lab intervened mid-study to address interobserver variability in image interpretation
  • Through evidence generation and data analyses, we’ve helped companies with at-risk devices keep CE mark/market approval


Stefaan Van der Meulen works with companies to establish a clinical presence internationally.


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