Welcome to the next generation digital solution for clinical trials.

Our proprietary electronic data capture (EDC) system, Syncrony, was developed in-house by our team of software engineers, hand-in-hand with our data scientists who are users of the system. It’s a cutting edge tool that allows us to fully manage your study operations and medical rating. Syncrony is proven to increase the accuracy in collecting, tracking, and storing clinical trial data.

Our Experience

Envisioned by researchers and engineered by Syntactx, Syncrony is our proprietary EDC system that combines our clinical expertise with cloud computing big data technology. It’s a cutting-edge tool that combines data capture, real-time reporting, analytics, and statistics in a seamless solution that is intuitive, reliable, and disruptively cost-effective.

  • Quick EDC start-up for clients with time-sensitive study milestones
  • Multiple protocol modifications with rapid revision of EDC
  • 20,000 subject registry with near real-time reporting


James Lujan works with clients and Syntactx software engineers to create the EDC systems clients need.